Terms and Conditions:


NOC (No Objection Certificate for Administering Emergency Medical Procedure / Medicine by a certified Nurse / Practitioner)

I Parent/Guardian, whatever deemed fit, of student at Samashti International School and Woodnote across branches (the “School”) declare that I have NO OBJECTION with the School providing Primary Health Treatment and Medication to my ward in case of any medical emergency. Through this consent, I permit my ward to receive medical treatment from the School, as and when required. I further declare that if my ward suffers any physical injuries(including without limitation, incidental, consequential, or indirect injuries)during the hours of School, in NO EVENT shall the School be held liable for any medical or other expenses incurred for the treatment of such injuries.

Fee Policy

I hereby agree that, all monetary dues related to academics, and other ancillary costs will be paid on or before their respective due dates failing which the Management shall be authorised to impose a penalty of Rs. 50 per day per student (holidays would be included). All payment must be made either in the form of cheque DD or through RTGS/bank transfer and ERP. Furtheron, I do agree that, Year On Year class wise hike will be between 8% to 10%, and I do agree that the increase in may vary if the slab changes from one to another, and I WILL HAVE NO OBJECTION TO THE SAME. ANY DISCOUNT, IF OFFERED, CAN BE WITHDRAWN BY THE SCHOOL WITHOUT NOTICE.

Consent for use of student’s pictures

I hereby agree to the use of my child’s name, pictures and videos by the school in digital and print format. Photographs / Videos may be taken while performing activities at school or while on field trips. Such photographs/videos shall be the intellectual property of the school and may be used by the school for any educational, promotional or social media activity in both digital and print formats.

Availing of School Transport

With respect to my ward’s admission in Samashti International School (the “School”), I request the School, that my ward may please be allowed to avail the transport facility being provided by the third party vendor at the agreed rates. Rates may vary from time to time as designed by 3rd party and school shall not be held responsible. I understand that although the School will provide full security, safety and exercise due diligence in carrying out the service, the School shall not be held responsible if my ward gets injured (including without limitation, special, incidental, consequential, or indirect damages for personal injury). I also understand that the School reserves the right to alter/modify/restructure any route, at any point of time in the interest of my ward and the School. Further, if there is any change in the parents’ residential address in the middle of the academic session, the allotment of seat in the bus will depend on the availability of seats on the desired route. I agree that my ward will abide by all the rules and regulations laid down by the School authorities mentioned below but not limited to -
Students opting for the School transport facility are expected to be at the pick-up point at least five minutes prior to the designated time. The bus shall not wait if my ward reaches later than 5 minutes of the prescribed time.

  • No student should approach the bus until it has come to a complete halt.
  • Queue system should be followed while boarding and de-boarding the bus.
  • All students must occupy seats immediately after boarding the bus.
  • Students must not move around in the bus when the bus is in motion.
  • Unruly behaviour such as shrieking and shouting etc. is not permitted.
  • Students are not allowed to bring belongings like ball, playing card, uno cards, mobile phones fidget spinners, etc.
  • The students shall not distract the driver's attention for any reason.
  • Students will not be permitted to board any other bus of the school other than their designated bus.
  • The student will not be allowed to deboard the bus in case the parent/ guardian is not at the pick-up point while the student is being dropped back to his boarding point. In the absence of the parent/ guardian, student will be brought back to the School and the respective Parent/Guardian will be contacted.

Admission Form

This Admission Form (the "Admission Form") must be filled in with due care by the parents/guardian of the applicant intending to take admission in SAMASHTI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL. Any change in the particulars given in the Admission Form such as residential address, mobile numbers, etc. should be informed to the management of SAMASHTI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL (the "Management") in writing, duly signed by parents/guardians. Any such changes in the particulars given in the Admission Form shall not be accepted over phone, SMS, WhatsApp, or any other such media.

Along with the duly filled in Admission Form, the parents/guardians shall also submit the duly filled in and signed Declaration attached to this Admission Form.

Along with the duly filled in Admission Form, the original Transfer Certificate from previous school and proof of education of the student (photocopy of marksheet/report card) for the last 2 (two) years shall be submitted.

During the academic term, certain additional charges may be collected by the Management for ID cards, entry fee for field trips, monograms, science lab equipment, annual function costume rent etc. for the applicant.

Any misbehaviour/misconduct by the applicant/parents/guardians will lead to expulsion of the applicant without any prejudice or show-cause notice. The decision of the Management shall be binding on the applicant/parent/guardian and final in this regard.

The Management will facilitate availability of books & uniform through 3rd party website prior to the commencement of the term through third-party vendors. Such date shall be informed to the applicant/parents/guardians through ERP.

The Management shall not be responsible for any kind of inconvenience, such as delay in delivery, damage of goods, etc., caused by any of the third-party vendors.

The parents/guardians shall have an option to purchase books and uniforms directly from the third-party vendors. The list of books, uniform, and details of such third- party vendors will be provided on the website

We acknowledge that, should this application be accepted, the applicant and we undertake to abide by the policies and regulations of SAMASHTI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL and we understand that any instance of breach, such as damage to school property, bodily harm to another student / teacher / ancillary staff / non-teaching staff, etc. will lead to expulsion of the applicant without any prejudice or show-cause notice. The decision of the Management in this regard shall be final and binding on us.

Upon acceptance of this application by this school, we agree to pay the total fees as applicable and abide by the billing options outlined in the Fee Policy and as informed by the Management from time to time

We acknowledge that while the Management will take reasonable care and exercise due diligence within its premises and during the school activities, it will bear no responsibility should the applicant exercise any reckless and/or careless behaviour that may endanger her/his safety and others around and as such cause harm or injury to herself/himself and others.

On leaving SAMASHTI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, the applicant shall return any property belonging to SAMASHTI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL which the applicant might have borrowed during her/his time of study in SAMASHTI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL.

We agree that the Management reserves the right to withhold the tuition fee or caution deposit (or any such fee which is paid at the time of admission), in case the applicant leaves/gets transferred during the academic year.

We declare that we have submitted the following documents along with the duly signed Admission Form: a) One attested photocopy of the applicant's birth certificate. b) Original copy of the applicant's TC. c) Eight latest passport-size photographs of the applicant. d) One latest passport-size photograph of the applicant's father and mother/guardian. e) Original copy of progress cards of previous academic years issued by the applicant's previous school. f) Medical Report/Immunisation Report. g) Copy of Parent's Residence proof. h) Parent ID copy. I) Bonafide Certificate. j) Applicant's Aadhar card copy.